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Saturday, January 24

7pm - 10pm
doors open 6:30pm

Arabic Tarab Concert with Elias Lammam Trio

World-renowned Arabic accordionist and singer Elias Lammam of Lebanon and his Trio play popular Arabic music of the mid-20th century, including songs of Om Kolthum, Fairuz, Abdel Halim Hafez, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, the Rahbani brothers, as well as some new original compositions and improvisations. The Trio includes Elias's older brother Antoine Lammam, a highly respected master of the riqq (tambourine), tabla, and various frame drums, and veteran jazz bassist Cary Nichols of Santa Cruz who has performed with Mr. Lammam's Santa Cruz Arabic Music Ensemble for many years.
Come swing & shimmy with the Elias Lammam Trio, or sing along your favorite Arabic tunes.

Cost: $25 in advance. $30 at the door.

Facebook Event! Invite your friends!

There will be space for social dancing. Family-friendly show. All ages welcome. Open seating.

For more information about Elias Lammam please visit:
Elias's Website

Elias's YouTube Channel

Elias's Facebook Page

Sunday, January 25

5pm - 6:45pm


Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life with Empower Thrive

Please join Ilene Marks of EMPOWER! THRIVE! and discover the work of Louise Hay, author of 30+ self- improvement books, selling 50 million copies. Classes include mirror work, positive affirmations & transforming discussions. Learn simple solutions with beautiful, spiritual moments & music.

Cost: $20 till Jan 20. $25 at the door. Bring 2 friends for $45 total

The answers are simple and easy to implement in your life.

Instructor Ilene Marks, Certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader:
"I have been an educator, public speaker, children’s business owner for the past decade. I now believe one of the most important subjects to teach is how to train your mind to be feel happier. Yes, you can become happier just by changing your thoughts. People need to have the tools to be aware of their thoughts, change them and reinforce positive ones. This takes practice. We think 60-90K thoughts a day and studies believe approximately 80% of our thoughts are negative. I have been trained through the Louise Hay Foundation, to teach this subject in a simple, clear, step by step workshop with music and relaxation techniques. Louise Hay techniques involve positive affirmation, mirror work, and changing your thoughts to achieve a better life. It is really easy to incorporate in your daily life if you are aware. I offer an introduction to this thought process. Join a workshop and see for yourself. Please tell friends. The results are amazing and life changing. I feel so blessed to use these thought patterns and feel much more joy."
Perfect holiday gift. Please bring an open heart and smile!

For more information:
RSVP to empowerthrive@gmail.com

Saturday, February 7

2:30pm - 4pm

Flirt4Play: Burlesque Workshop with Rodney James

Burlesque dance is a unique and entertaining form of fitness where sweat meets deep self discovery. As Rodney James, creator of RAWR says, "Being sexy ain't easy!" Apart from the physical benefits, this class will help you find your inner sass whilst having fun in a friendly positive atmosphere.
This workshop will be a Valentine's Day theme called Flirt4Play. Flirtation is the game where everybody wins! The invitation to romance, the prelude to seduction... or just for the fun of it. The art of flirtation has been too long suppressed -- it's time to set your Flirt free! Let Rodney help you get reacquainted with your inner Flirt, to master flirtation with energy, style, and flair... to use your smoldering eyes, sultry lips, and sassy hips to lure and tease your audience whilst knowing it's all about you! Learn the art of seduction and be more empowered.

Cost of the workshop is $40

To learn more about Rodney visit his website!

Here are some videos of his workshops:
Montreal Workshop!
Master Class!

To RSVP for this workshop please send an email to: rawrwithshanna@gmail.com

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  • Curtains for performance space, photo/video backdrop, and private changing area
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Discount Opportunities for Advanced Payment

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In addition, a special rate of $20/hour is available for private practices or personal training involving one or two people only, during Non-Peak hours. Please contact us for more information.

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Studio Use Policies

  • Food and drink other than water are not permitted in the Studio, except with pre-payment of a $50 Cleaning Deposit. Deposit is refundable upon verification of a clean studio after the class/event. 
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Studio under any circumstances. 
  • Animals are not permitted in the Studio.