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September 16

Vintage American Cabaret
Bellydance Workshop with Jamie Lynn Shelton hosted by Setareh

Jamie Lynn from Texas is teaching in the SF Bay Area 3 specialty dance workshops!

Only $40 per class OR $100 for all 3 workshops till September 5!
BONUS! limited availability dance performance spot in the popular Santa Cruz Raks Belly Dance showcase on Sunday, Sept 18.
After September 5th: $45 each workshop and $120 for package.

Jamie Lynn is teaching her signature Bellydance techniques in a mini 5-part Vintage American Cabaret show format customized for each workshop to build on the skills and interests of the attendees. A wonderful eclectic mix, plus props!

American Vintage: The 5 Part Routine; the Mini Version:
Discover the unique style that is American Vintage- a wonderful eclectic mix of Turkish, Lebanese, Egyptian, Greek, and everything in between brought to this country in the 40's and with its heyday in the 60's and 70's. This workshop will introduce the participant to the concept of the Five Part Routine from American Vintage Cabaret style Bellydance. An almost lost art form, this routine starts with wrapped-veil zill entrance, slow veil, floor work or standing taxim, drum solo and Karshilama zill finale all in a mini format to fit most of today's 5-7 minute solo slots! Improvisation will be encouraged! No need to bring ALL the props with you, but do so if you have them!

1) Sept 10 -- San Francisco, Joe Goode Annex -- 4-6pm
2) Sept 16 -- San Jose, Halanda -- 7:30pm-9:30pm includes socializing afterwards with Jamie Lynn
3) Sept 18 -- Santa Cruz, Desert Dream Studio -- 2:30-4:30pm plus show!! plan to see Jamie featured in the nearby Santa Cruz Raks Belly Dance Showcase You can dance in this show too! Register for all 3 classes in advance of September 5th to be eligible (limited availabliltiy).

Facebook Event! Invite your friends

Contact Setareh to register and for any questions.

Sunday November 13,
11:30am - 2:30pm

"What makes an Award Winning Performance"
Bellydance Workshops with Atlantis hosted by Natika

Atlantis has many acting credits and she is a member of SAG/AFTRA. She produces the Bellydancer Of The Universe Competition® & teaches/performs at GLOBAL events. Annually, the Bellydancer of the Unverse® competition has launched thousands of dance careers in 27 years. Which gives Atlantis great inside as to what your judges or agents are looking for in your performance. This class is for all styles and all levels of dance! It's an interactive teacher student class with hands on attention to every student! We will cover how to give emotion on stage, hand, arm & foot technique, pattern and combinations, transitions and traveling the stage, memorable choreography and improvisation as well as esthetic costuming ideas for all body types.
In the last hour you will experience a 2 minute verbal critique IN CLASS to any piece of music you provide. All styles welcome, bring iPod and cord for hook up. It should contain intro / body of music for performance / and finale. You may include drum solo if you like within the 2 minute time frame. Atlantis Bellydancer of the Universe ® looks forward to embracing your unique style and making your Bellydance universe (TM) come to life!

Before October 25: $45
After October 25: $55
PayPal to: orientalworkshop@gmail.com Or
Mail a check to: Natika, 1062 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125
Send a message to: orientalworkshop@gmail.com to arrange cash payment.

For more information, please contact: NatikaStar.com

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  • 50 folding chairs available
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In addition, a special rate of $22/hour is available for private practices or personal training involving one or two people only, during Non-Peak hours. Please contact us for more information.

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  • Animals are not permitted in the Studio.