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Saturday, December 5

4pm - 8pm

FREE Annual Halanda Holiday Party & Show

Halanda Studio teachers & students invite you to celebrate the holidays with music, dance, live music, food, drinks & lots of holiday cheer!

Dance performances from all over the world; Halanda studio classes recitals, live music and drumming, open floor dance, drum circle & more!

We are thrilled to have Live Arabic Music by Elias Lammam and his Santa Cruz Arabic Music Ensemble!

FREE event! Open to the public. Family friendly. All ages welcome!

Invite your communities...

Facebook Event! Invite your communities...

Schedule (subject to change)

4:00 PM Doors Open. Food, drinks & music
4:10 PM Welcome & announcements
4:15 PM Sara & Deborah – Bellydance Duet
4:20 PM Alika – Bollywood
4:25 PM Sidahlia - Bellydance
4:30 PM Christine - Bellydance
4:35 PM Liz's Class – Dark Fusion
4:45 PM Amanda’s Class – Near Eastern Dances
4:55 PM Jill's Class - Bellydance
5:05 PM Hala's Class – Egyptian Bellydance
5:10 PM Rajnita's Class – Bharatanatyam
5:20 PM Natika's Class – Bellydance
5:30 PM Farima's Class - Persian Dance
5:40 PM Elaine – Bellydance
5:45 PM Vy – Bellydance
5:50 PM Adriana - Bellydance
5:55 PM Tease's Class – Burlesque
6:05 PM Hala & Dance Company – Egyptian Dance
6:15 PM Courtney - Bellydance
6:25 PM Break & Band Setup (15 min)
6:40 PM Emma Lin - Chinese Harp
6:50 PM Elias Lammam & Students – Live Arabic Music/Open floor
7:20 PM Break & Drum Circle Setup
7:30 PM Paul & Company - Drum Circle/Open floor

We look forward to another wonderful celebration with you and your communities!

Thursday December 3
8:30pm - 10:30pm


Folk Dances of Baluchistan Workshop with Farima

In this special workshop spanning 2 hours Farima will introduce dance styling, culture, and folk dance choreographies of Baluchistan. The ethnic origins, culture, and styling of each dance will also be covered. Baluchi dance is very rich and the music is played with a variety of traditional instruments. Located in the South of Iran bordering Afghanistan, Baluchi dance has a blend of movements from Afghani, Indian, and Iranian dances. Due to their strong cultural values, the Baluchi people have been able to keep their rich traditional heritage alive. Two famous dances of Baluchistan will be taught:
1. Do-Chapi (also known as the bracelet dance), which is an ancient Persian dance mostly performed by forming a circle by a group of people, dancing, and clapping.
2. Lewa: Lewa is also a Baluchi dance of Sheedi origin, performed mostly by a group of people in a circle with hand movements.
There will be a Persian and Central Asian dance warm up and turns practice to begin the class. Bring bracelets or Indian bangles.
Extra rehearsal time is required for members of the Farima Dance Company or for those who want to perform.

$34 for the 2hr session. Members of the Farima Dance Company: $30.

Facebook Event!

December 10 & 17

8:30pm - 10:30pm


Persian Pop Dance Workshop with Farima

Learn and practice fun, festive Persian pop dance moves and a choreography for everyone! The class will warm up with Persian and Central Asian dance moves and turns then progress to movements for Persian modern and pop styles. Finally, learn a choreography for a Persian pop dance.

Both sessions are required to join a performance.

Drop-in any day of the 2 Thursday workshop series and pay $34 for the 2hr session. Members of the Farima Dance Company: $30.

Facebook Event!

January 16, 2016
2pm - 6:30 pm

Sunday, January 17, 2016 10:30am - 3:30pm


Natika Presents:
Bellydance Workshops with Ruby Beh

Saturday: 2:15pm to 4:15pm: VIVACIOUS VEIL
Expand yourself on stage and express the music with dynamic and dramatic veil transitions. Learn to use accents in the music to mystify your mechanics and make seamless sequences with your veil. Please bring both a chiffon half circle and silk 3+ yard rectangular veils.

Saturday: 4:30pm to 6:30pm: DEADLY DRUM SOLO CHOREOGRAPHY
This workshop is full of clever isolations, creative transitions and clear technique for drum solo and musical accents.

Sunday: 11am to 1pm: TECHNIQUE, TURNS, DRILLS and ZILLS
In this improvisational class Ruby will help you pinpoint sticky spots in your footwork and technique. This fun class will get you moving! Come prepared to share a technique or concept you are working on in your personal practice.

Improvisation is at the heart of bellydance. This exploratory class will give you the tools to perform flawless improvisation on stage or in restaurant/clubs. Through staging technique, creative exercises and movement recall practices you'll be improvising in no time.

1 workshop: $50. 2 workshops: $90. 3 workshops: $130. 4 workshops: $165
To provide enough space, spots are limited:
For VIVACIOUS VEIL: 15 spots only. All other workshops: 18 spots.
PayPal: orientalworkshop@gmail.com (Please specify the workshop, your name, e-mail and/or phone number)

Details on Facebook Event!

About Ruby:

Ruby is internationally recognized for her passionate, untamed dance style. Her background of American Classic Bellydance and Turkish Oriental makes her performances stand out with a raw, individual interpretation. Her love of Turkish culture drew her straight to the source with multiple years of study in Istanbul. In addition to being an award- winning performer, Ruby is a certified Pilates instructor and is featured on instructional and performance DVDs including her own series, Flawless Floorwork, Totally Turkish, and All About Arms. Ruby has an active touring career, brining her joyful and energetic style to workshops and performances around the globe. Ruby’s educational background includes a B.S in Environmental Chemistry and her study of Kung Fu lends a unique flavor of controlled stamina to her performances.
AWARDS include: 2013 Instructor of the year, 2010 Bellydancer of the World, "Winner Professional Category" 2008 Bellydancer USA among many others.

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Studio Features

Features of Halanda Studio:

Front Door Interior View

Halanda Studio as viewed from Lincoln Avenue entrance


Curtains drawn for a Performance

  • 900 square-foot space
  • 40 feet of wall mirrors on one side
  • Cushioned laminate flooring
  • Stereo system with CD player, iPod charging dock, MP3 player, AUX & USB input, remote, and wall-mounted speakers
  • TV with VCR and DVD
  • Central Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Private bathroom with full-length mirror
  • Curtains for performance space, photo/video backdrop, and private changing area
  • 50 folding chairs available
  • Free-standing ballet barre available as needed: 6 feet long, double-sided, height-adjustable (please inform us in advance) 

Rates and Rental Policies

Studio Rental Rates

$31/hr for Non-Peak Hours
$39/hr for Peak Hours [Monday-Thursday 6-9pm, and Saturday 9am-2pm]

Discount Opportunities for Advanced Payment

  • 8 hours in a single day pre-paid: 5% Discount
  • 10-20 hours pre-paid: 5% Discount
  • 20-30 hours pre-paid: 10% Discount
  • 30-40 hours pre-paid: 15% Discount
  • 40 hours or more pre-paid: 20% Discount

In addition, a special rate of $22/hour is available for private practices or personal training involving one or two people only, during Non-Peak hours. Please contact us for more information.

Payment Terms

  • 30% payment (non-refundable) required to book rental. Full payment is required for Halanda to publish or promote your event
  • Total payment for rental term required prior to first use


Rental payments are not refundable, but if an event organizer needs to cancel the event after payment and notifies Halanda Studio at least one week prior to the cancellation, Halanda Studio can issue a monetary credit for the cancelled time, valid up to three months from the original event date. 

Studio Use Policies

  • Food and drink other than water are not permitted in the Studio, except with pre-payment of a $50 Cleaning Deposit. Deposit is refundable upon verification of a clean studio after the class/event. 
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Studio under any circumstances. 
  • Animals are not permitted in the Studio.