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Sunday July 20
1:30pm - 2:30pm


FREE Khaliji Dance Workshop with Hala

Learn the dances of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Explore the less known aspects of the Arabic culture while enjoying a great workout. Learn some Khaliji rhythms and drumming patterns.

Hala covers the social and cultural aspects of the dance as well as the physical aspects.

All ages, genders and skill levels welcome.

FREE Workshop to kick-start our Community Hour program!

Monday - Friday,
July 28 - August 1


Spot On Musical Theater Camp with Lauren Meyer

Spot On provides education & training in all aspects of musical theater performance. They strive to engage, inspire, and motivate students to approach performing arts training as a tool for accomplishing their goals on and off stage. Spot On serves students as a building block for future performance opportunities & provides resources for students to pursue their interests

Ages 12-18.

Monday-Thursday 10:00am-4:00pm,
Friday 10:00am-6:00pm (5pm Showcase)

Registration and Details!

Tuesdays, August 5 - September 9

6:30pm - 8pm

Classical Dance Summer Series with Amanda

Explore the realm of Classical Dance from both Western and Eastern Classical Dance traditions. Structured as a Classical Ballet class with barre work and center work, this class will teach traditional Ballet technique while introducing and synthesizing elements from Armenian, Persian, and Central Asian dance styles. This series will provide students of all levels and genres an opportunity to explore and hone critical elements of line, form, and presentation -- accompanied by soaring orchestral music drawn from both Eastern and Western sources. Class will include technique and choreography, with opportunities for performance available for interested students (performing is not required). Register in class or in advance by contacting Amanda.

Tuesdays, 6:30pm-8pm August 5 through September 9

$13/class for single class $60/full series (6 weeks)

Halanda pass is accepted

Amanda trained in Classical Ballet for nearly 20 years prior to encountering raqs sharki and Near Eastern folk dance. Having then studied a wide range of Eastern dance -- across Oriental, Folkloric, and Classical genres -- for over 20 years, Amanda's "natural" style now encompasses elements from many traditions. This Classical Dance series is an expression of that personal interweaving of Eastern and Western Classical dance threads.

Visit www.amandadancer.com for more information.

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Studio Features

Features of Halanda Studio:

Front Door Interior View

Halanda Studio as viewed from Lincoln Avenue entrance


Curtains drawn for a Performance

  • 900 square-foot space
  • 40 feet of wall mirrors on one side
  • Cushioned laminate flooring
  • Stereo system with 5-CD changer, iPod charging dock, MP3 player input, remote, and wall-mounted speakers
  • TV with VCR and DVD
  • Central Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Private bathroom with full-length mirror
  • Curtains for performance space, photo/video backdrop, and private changing area
  • 50 folding chairs available for rent (please inform us in advance)
  • Free-standing ballet barre available as needed: 6 feet long, double-sided, height-adjustable (please inform us in advance) 

Rates and Rental Policies

Studio Rental Rates

$28/hr for Non-Peak Hours
$35/hr for Peak Hours [Monday-Thursday 6-9pm, and Saturday 9am-2pm]

Discount Opportunities for Advanced Payment

  • 8 hours in a single day pre-paid: 10% Discount
  • 10-20 hours pre-paid: 10% Discount
  • 20-30 hours pre-paid: 15% Discount
  • 30-40 hours pre-paid: 20% Discount
  • 40 hours or more pre-paid: 25% Discount

In addition, a special rate of $20/hour is available for private practices or personal training involving one or two people only, during Non-Peak hours. Please contact us for more information.

Payment Terms

  • 30% payment (non-refundable) required to book rental and for Halanda to publish or promote your event
  • Total payment for rental term required prior to first use


Rental payments are not refundable, but if an event organizer needs to cancel the event after payment and notifies Halanda Studio at least one week prior to the cancellation, Halanda Studio can issue a monetary credit for the cancelled time, valid up to three months from the original event date. 

Studio Use Policies

  • Food and drink other than water are not permitted in the Studio, except with pre-payment of a $50 Cleaning Deposit. Deposit is refundable upon verification of a clean studio after the class/event. 
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Studio under any circumstances. 
  • Animals are not permitted in the Studio.