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About Us

Amanda. Photo by Michael Baxter
Hala Photo by Gladys White

Halanda studio is dedicated to all kinds of dance styles, fitness techniques, movement arts and cultures of the world: ethnic/international dance, folk dance, dance & theater arts, ballet, ballroom, aerobics, yoga, music, martial arts and more!

We offer a large, beautifully-decorated studio space for classes, workshops, rehearsals, performances, recitals, photo/video shoots, social gatherings, and more. Features of our Studio are detailed here.

Please peruse our website to learn about our diverse class offerings, our excellent teaching staff, and exciting parties, events, and workshops. If you have any questions, suggestions, inquiries, or proposals, please contact us.

Our Story

In May 2006, long-time friends Hala and Amanda (Hala + Amanda = Halanda) opened Halanda Studio to share their deep love for dance with the Bay Area. We both come from a lifetime of dance and movement activities. While our mutual passion is Middle Eastern dance, we both have years of experience with other styles -- ballet, ballroom, karate, yoga, and more -- that have fueled a desire to offer that variety of movement in our studio. The cultural diversity of the Bay Area is profoundly rich, and we hope to channel some of that marvelous diversity through Halanda studio.

In January 2014, Amanda stepped down from studio co-ownership due to her many obligations. She teaches regular classes at the studio.

We envision a space where a wide range of dance styles flourish and where a number of fitness and martial arts techniques are available in one place. We also support community outreach activities -- including music and dance parties and workshops -- so folks who might not normally experience these diverse styles could sample them, and learn more themselves. And so, with the opening of Halanda Studio and the tremendous help of our excellent teaching staff, eager students, and supportive musicians, we are watching this vision take form and grow with great joy.

We look forward to providing the space you need to express yourself and share your talents, skills, culture, and gifts with the community!


Please contact us if you would like to exchange links, subject to approval: info AT halanda DOT com

Teachers at Halanda Studio

Hala, owner of Halanda Studio and director of Hala Dance Company:
Amanda, co-founder of Halanda Studio and director of Karavansaray Dance Company:
Terre Pruitt (Nia and Zumba):
Farima Berenji (Persian and Central Asian Dance):  
Vanessa Kuly (Tribal Fusion Bellydance):
Michelle Reynolds (Fusion Bellydance):
Natika (Tribal Bellydance):
Jizan (Tribal-Caberet Bellydance):  
Courtney (Bellydance):  

Friends & Neighbors of Halanda Studio

Joe Kandalaft (Arabic music):
Sew Beadazzled (bead store):
Susan Frankovich (Tribal Fusion Bellydance):
Sue Flanagan and Keith Minton (Argentine Tango):
Elizabeth Strong (Turkish Rom dance):
Alexandra King (Middle Eastern dance):
Aisha Ali (North African dance):
Elias Lammam (Arabic music):
Miriam Peretz (Persian & Central Asian dance):
Supriya Gupta (Modern Bollywood Fusion):
Zora (American Bellydance):
Adira Dance and Costume Shop:
Darrin Henson (Hip Hop / Music Video-Style Dance):
Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan (Oriental Dance):
Pamela Broyles (Hip Hop):
Adriana (Bellydance and Makeup Artist):   
Shaheen (Bellydance Bollywood Fusion):    
Ashley Lopez (Tribal Fusion Bellydance):
Raquel (Ricki) Anaya (Latin Dances):
Shahrzad Khorsandi (Persian dance):
Kami Liddle (Tribal Fusion Bellydance):
Helene Eriksen  (Dance Ethnologist):
Carolina Lugo (Flamenco): 
Petra Pino (American Tribal Style Bellydance):  
Dahlia Wist (Hatha Yoga):   


Bay Area Belly Dance and Music Association:
San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival:
Ballet Afsaneh / Afsaneh Art and Culture Society:
Bay Area National Dance Week:
Dancer's Group: