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Saturday, September 22: 
3pm - 5pm:
Introduction to Romany Dance
Ozgen will teach authentic Turkish Romany (Gypsy) dance with both traditional and modern street styling. In addition to some history on the cultural aspects of this fiery style, Ozgen will explain the meaning of the unique hand and body gestures of this dance. You will learn technique and feeling for Turkish 9/8 rhythm.

7pm - 9pm:
Ozgen's Show
A rich variety of dances by bay area star dancers & teachers crowned by Ozgen's spectacular performances.  Ozgen will showcase his versatility and wide range of dance expertise; from his native Romany dances to Turkish Oryantal style.  A true cultural experience and a feast for many senses!

Sunday, September 23: 
11:30am - 1:30pm: 
Romany Choreography
Ozgen will expand the techniques learnt in the Sat workshop into combinations and choreography.  Dance Romany style like a native. Combinations suitable for Tribal and Tribal Fusion styles!

2pm - 4pm: 
Turkish Bellydance Technique and Drills
Explore fiery Turkish Oryantal bellydance combinations with a touch of Ozgen's signature style. This class includes very theatrical and dramatic movements great for the stage, or to integrate into your own style. There will be technique for turns, beautiful Turkish style hands and arms, and a touch of fantasy.

Turkish Bellydance Choreography
Building on the Oryantal technique, learn one of Ozgen's exciting, dramatic and fun choreographies.  Experience first hand what propelled Ozgen very fast into stardom all over the world.


Show only:  
    $20 by Sept. 15  / $25 after Sept. 15

1 workshop:
    $40 by Sept. 15  / $50 after Sept. 15

2 workshops:
    $75 by Sept. 15  / $95 after Sept. 15

3 workshops:   
    $110 by Sept. 15  / $140 after Sept. 15

4 workshops: 
    $145 by Sept. 15  / $185 after Sept. 15

workshop attendees also get $5 off Show admission, when paid with workshop admission

note: Cash Only accepted at the door  (space permitting) 

current Halanda Pass holders get 10% discount (please see details below)

Ozgen - with Davul

Turkish Dancer OZGEN


Please join us and pay at the door. Cash ONLY accepted at the door .

Show only:  $25 

1 workshop: $50 

2 workshops: $95 

3 workshops: $140

4 workshops: $185 

Show, if purchased WITH workshop(s): $20

About Ozgen:

Specializing in Turkish Oriental and Romany dance, Ozgen is keen to promote the Turkish form of Bellydance to global audiences. He is regularly invited to give workshops in Britain and abroad, and to perform at international dance events across Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Ozgen is an internationally acclaimed Turkish dancer, teacher, choreographer and director. Born in North Cyprus, Ozgen learned and performed Turkish folk dance from an early age, involved with numerous well-established folk dance groups. In Istanbul, he performed several years with the dance company of “Night of the Sultans.”  Ozgen trained and performed in several forms of Turkish dance, including classical modern, and Oriental. His freestyle dance routines and celebrity contacts helped propel Ozgen into the Turkish mainstream; he was asked to choreograph and perform in music videos for Turkish pop stars, as well as appear on popular Turkish TV programs. Upon moving to the UK, he started teaching Oriental dance and quickly gained widespread Bellydancing fame.

For more information, please visit Ozgen's website:

Watch Ozgen in some of his videos on YouTube:

video 1: Romany (3:15)

video 2: Oryantal (2:39)

video 3: Romany Choreography Class (1:59)



"In January, 2009, when fabulous Ozgen was a surprise guest star in my weeklong opening concert, he had the audience screaming for more. Charisma, technique, drama, choreography, looks and so, so sexy - take
your own dance to the next level in this seminar!" Morocco (Aunt Rocky) from New York.

Registration Policies:

  • Please include an email address with your payment. We will send you an email to verify receipt of your payment and your name will be added to a list at the door. If you don't have an email address or prefer not to supply one, please include your phone number so we may confirm receipt of your payment.  
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  • Registration is transferable to another student, but you must inform Halanda Studio (preferably by phone) of this arrangement at least 24 hours prior to the workshop.